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A message from your committee

Our 2024 Expo this week was a huge success. We are pleased to let you know that 182 people attended the event and 30 new members joined on the day.

This is astounding!

We thank everyone involved… all the organisers, workers and the members who have been spreading word to their family and friends about the benefits of joining U3A.

Well done! Thank you!

Your committee at U3A Rocky…

Thank you, committee. You do a great job. The U3A wouldn't exist without you workers. I attended the expo and it was good to see everybody there and 30 new members is great. I don't attend meetings normally as I go to the U3A chorus on Tuesday mornings. Without U3A my life would be a little boring. Wishing you all every success in 2024. Joan Brown

Congratulations to you and the committee also. It was a fantastic morning. 30 new members on the day must be a record, well done. Christine Dobele

Congratulations to the U3A Committee and all those members who helped on the Expo Day. It was astounding and I must say I was surprised to see so many people in attendance. This result is testament to the reputation that U3A has in the community and amongst its membership. It is a sure indication that there is very little discontent amongst the membership. Maurice Dittmann

U3A Rockhampton & District Inc
Learning at Leisure is Learning for Pleasure
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U3A Rockhampton and District
P O Box 8160 Allenstown
Rockhampton Qld 4700

Next Meeting
5th March 2024 Tues 9.00 to 12.00
Annual General Meeting

At the AGM

Our next general meeting on Tuesday 5th March, will be our AGM… At that meeting you will be asked to elect your committee for 2024. All committee positions will be declared vacant… President; Vice President; Secretary; Assistant Secretary; Treasurer; and 2 Ordinary Members

The only vacant position currently is that of Assistant Secretary as Joan has completed her three years in that role… however, we have already received a nomination for that position. All other committee members have not completed their three years and will stand again. If anyone is interested in contesting any of the committee roles, nomination forms are available on the website.

Frenchville Sports Club Renovations


U3A (University of the Third Age)

University is a loose term, and the third age refers to the age of active retirement, following on from the age of childhood and the age of a working life.

U3A is a worldwide organization founded in France in 1973. The first group was formed in Australia in 1984. U3A Rockhampton and District Inc. is a self-funded, not-for-profit association formed in 1988. Management, tutors and coordinators are all volunteers. You can contact us here to find out how U3A can help you remain active physically and mentally well into your later years.

U3A brings together people who have retired from full-time work but not from living an active and fulfilling lifestyle. We provide courses and activities covering a wide variety of interests including physical exercise, health, lunch groups, discussion groups, music, craft, writing, poetry, history, drama and much more. Click the main button Activities above. U3A requires no prior learning or qualifications and there are no exams. We provide learning without stress in an environment of fun and friendship. We encourage our members to keep youthful and enthusiastic.

U3A Rockhampton has a close relationship with CQUniversity whereby both parties engage in a number of ways for their mutual benefit.

If you wish to meet our members personally, you are welcome to attend any of our general meetings as a visitor. You can find our meeting dates here.

If you want to keep your body and brain active and make new friends, join U3A Rockhampton now.

Frenchville Sports Club Renovations and how they will affect U3A

Members will be aware that Frenchville Sports Club is undergoing renovations. The Club has always been a wonderful support for U3A and other community groups. As our various groups who meet in the Champions Bar will not be able to do so during the renovations, the Club has organised the majority of them to meet up at the Rocky Golf Club. If you haven’t already been told by your activity leader, please check the current activity sheet to confirm your meeting times and venues.



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