Alison Davenport - Jan Wilson - Barbara Hannan - Heather Waring - Phil Morisette
Rhonda Daniels - Ed Habas - John Waring - Kev Langford - Rex Boggs - Exhibition Photos
4 Oct 2021 Meeting Speaker Rex Boggs Hand Out Fab Photos

Rex Boggs Powerpoint on how to Take Fab Photos


An Overview of what we do !

The U3A Photography Group has been an activity group for about 8 years, with Phil Morisette as Coordinator until 2 years ago, when John Waring took over. We were then unaware that the imploding COVID situation was going to impact the whole Group with a raft of new regulations, paperwork and necessary safety rules to come into operation. However, we have survived !

Our main objective is to help our members improve their photography skills, learn more about their cameras, and how best to record the memories we have made.

As a Group, we are not into post-processing of photos, maybe using any special effects our cameras can provide, but keeping the whole process simple.

We have activities including the learning of the basics of photography and the workings of our own cameras, and outings to various venues around town - the Botanical Gardens, Mount Archer, etc. We attempt the practical application of what we learn in the Clubroom, share our photos with each other and encourage each other with constructive notes on our work.

We are fortunate to have one of our members, Rex Boggs, a very experienced photographer, who from time to time gives us presentations of such items as Composition of a photo, the dramatic effect of Light, and a hands-on workshop helping us with various Settings on our own cameras.

We normally have an annual ‘Exhibition’ of our best photos at the Library, in February, and hope to do that next year.

Meetings are held twice a month, on the second and fourth Thursdays of each month. We meet at the Rockhampton Photography Club rooms in the Walter Reid building in Derby Street. They have generously allowed us to use their rooms and set up, with a TV screen and computer to view our work.

We are a small group with similar interests, numbering a dozen to 15, but would love to see any new members join our snap-happy family.

John Waring, Coordinator, Phone : 0408 275 633