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I am a member of the U3A in the UK. Many of us are among the group that was asked by the government to stay at home for several months. I live alone and within days, I felt depressed, lonely and cut off from society. I wondered what I could do to help others who felt the same, and started to put short stories on my website. It grew and became Writers Against Covid-19. Each day, a new short story is published on the website, selected to bring a smile to the face and lift the spirits.

I was delighted when Australian author, Hazel Girolamo, sent me her story, Floral Tribute. It’s a great story, clever and funny, despite the odd spellings! She had me stumped with the word chook, too, because we don’t have that word here.

The storys, and many others, are on http://www.louisemoss.com Use the link above or copy and paste this link into your web browser

Perhaps you can let your membership know?

About me: I have been writing all my life and have had many articles and stories published in the past. I have written several novels which you can find on Amazon, including Countdown to Extinction, which took over thirty years to write.

I would be pleased to hear from any writer who can write a short story to put a smile on people’s faces.

Best wishes

Louise Moss

Twitter: @19Writers