This picture is of 3 different species of egrets and 2 different species of heron at the almost dry Wool Wash in mid November 2019

TUTORRod Elder QDA. M. Agri. Sci. Entomologist / Ornithologist
Mobile 0409630584

PURPOSE - It will enable members to view local birds in detail without having to leave even ground. Great for our less able members.
We provide instruction and practice on using the telescope/binoculars and make sure everyone gets to see and identify each bird.

Benefits of joining the group -
We learn how to identify birds.
You get outdoors and have a walk through the Southside gardens on the bitumen path beside the lagoon.
Who would not want to know why birds have different shaped beaks,
Why they have twice the brain cell density of mammals.
They have bones that are as light as balsa wood.
You find out why we examine their poo.
Why do Darters swim with only their head and half their necks visible and then hold their wings out?
The way birds move can be useful in identification.
Have enjoyable outings and meet other members with similar interests.

MEETINGS - Meetings are on the second Wednesday every second month starting 11 December 2019. We start at the Southside Gardens Jetty at 7.30am. Reminders by email

WHERE – We currently go to the Southside gardens and the Dump Lake bird lookout for viewing and afterwards have morning tea where we can discuss what we saw.
MORNING TEA – At Rod and Jeanette’s. Bring a small plate.

MEMBERS - All members of U3A & visitors are invited to attend. There is no commitment to attend every outing.
Telescope bought with grant money for the Bird group