To be voted on at the May 2019 Meeting
Proposed By-Laws and Proposed Constitution
Amendments to the Constitution and By-Laws
Welcome to U3A Rockhampton & District Inc

Adopted at the General Meeting on Monday 8th April 2013
Revised June 2015


Annual Membership Subscription for the period 1st January to 31st December shall be $15.00 per member.
Persons wishing to become members must complete an ‘Application for Membership Form’ which is attached to each quarterly Journal or available from the Secretary.
Joining Fee – nil.
Continuing Members must pay the full year’s membership subscription and should renew their membership by the 31st December.
New Members joining before 30th June each year shall pay the full annual subscription fee.
New Members joining between the 1st July and 30th October each year shall pay half the full annual subscription fee.
New Members joining after the 30th October shall pay a full annual subscription fee which will give them membership until the end of the following year.

Members who have not renewed their membership will be sent a reminder. Should membership not be renewed by the 30th April, the membership will be cancelled and the name deleted from the Financial Member’s List.

A charge may be made for social activities or trips. The charge should be set to cover the costs related to the particular activity or trip, but in special cases, the Management Committee may determine to provide a subsidy towards the cost of an activity or trip. The charge should be advised on the Monthly News sheet and paid to the Social Activities Co-ordinator before the activity or trip. When U3A has paid for an activity or trip, they can make no refunds to members for cancellations.

Activity Groups that use materials or venues that charge for their use, should advise those charges before members enrol in these groups. The Activities Co-ordinator should be advised of the charge and it should be shown on the Activities Sheet.


The U3A Rockhampton and District Inc. Australian Business Number as recorded on the Australian Taxation Office (Australian Business Register) is 83 907 668 103

The current President of U3A Rockhampton and District Inc. shall be the Contact Person with the ATO for the ABN Registration.

In the case of a change of President, the outgoing President must update the contact details with the ATO in order to update the ABN Registration. (Note – The Australian Taxation Office will only correspond with the listed Contact Person)


Financial Institution – As determined by the management committee.
(a) A savings account with cheque facility.
(b) Term deposit.

Financial Management
(a) Book keeping of all financial transactions to be recorded:-
(i) in a ledger if handwritten; or
(ii) Using a suitable account keeping computer program.
(b) A receipt to be issued for monies received.
(c) All monies received should be banked as soon as possible after receipt.
(d) Internet only to be used to view accounts and download bank statements.
(e) The treasurer has authority to pay accounts when due, and such payments are to be ratified at the next Management Committee Meeting

Petty Cash
The level of Petty Cash is:-
(a) Secretary - $100.00; Floats (cash held as change)
(b) Treasurer -$100.00
(c) Social Activities Co-ordinator - $100.00

Cheques are to be signed by any two (2) of the following – Treasurer, Secretary, President, Social Co-ordinator.


The Management Committee shall consist of – President, Vice-President, Secretary, Assistant Secretary, Treasurer, Activities Co-ordinator, Guest Speaker Co-ordinator, Social Co-ordinator, Publicity Officer, Journal Editor, Volunteers Co-ordinator, Web Site Co-ordinator and the Immediate Past President (for 1 year after their term as President, provided they are willing to accept the position)

While all Management Committee Positions will be declared vacant at each Annual General Meeting, members may be renominated for that Management Committee Position.

A member should only be expected to serve in the same Management Committee Position for 3 consecutive years. Should a member have served in the same Management Committee Position for 3 years and a candidate for that position cannot be found, a motion at a General Meeting, may give approval for that member to serve a further year in that position.


General Meetings of the Association will be held from 9.30am on the first Monday of each month except January. The venue for General Meetings is the Frenchville Sports Club, Clifton Street, Berserker. General Meetings are to keep members informed of decisions of the Management Committee as they apply to the regular activities in which members could be involved. The following Management Committee Members should report to the General Meetings as required – Treasurer, Activities Co-ordinator, Social Co-ordinator, Guest Speaker Co-ordinator and Journal Editor.
A Record of Attendance at each general meeting is to be kept in a manner determined by the Management Committee.
Volunteer Positions at General Meetings. The following Volunteer Positions are required to provide for the efficient running of the General meetings-

(i) 3 members required to maintain the record of attendance sheets and to distribute the monthly News- sheet.
(ii) 1 member to welcome visitors and new members.
(iii) 1 member to sell tickets in the raffle.
(iv) 3 members to assist with morning teas.

The Annual General Meeting will be conducted in March.

The February General Meeting must include a “Sign on Day” where members have the opportunity to meet individual Tutors/Activity Co-ordinators in order to sign on for the Activity Group.

The December General Meeting will include a “Show and Tell” session where Groups have the opportunity to display or speak about the activities of the Group during the year.

All other General Meetings during the year are to include a guest speaker.

Morning Tea is to be made available for members following the business session of the meeting followed by the Guest Speaker.

A News sheet is to be made available for each member attending General Meetings; the information contained thereon should include – Date, time and Guest Speaker for present meeting and next meeting, Details of the next two (2) Social/Educational Outings/Trips, Details provided by Tutors/Co-ordinators of Activity Groups when requested, or any information the Management Committee requests. Minutes of the previous General Meeting are to be printed on the back of the News sheet.

A Journal shall be produced by the Journal Editor for distribution to members at the March, June, September and December meetings. The Journal may be distributed in print form, or in electronic form to members who provide an email address for that purpose.

Management Committee Meetings will be held on the Monday 2 weeks prior to each General meeting. The meetings will be held in a room provided by CQ University, Australia commencing at 9.30am. This meeting will determine the routine administration of the Association. All financial transactions are to be approved by this meeting. Reports, recommendations and proposals are to be submitted to the Committee and where necessary details taken to a General Meeting for formal approval by the Association.


Any member with an expertise or interest may make a request to the Management Committee to form an Activity Group.

An Activity Group may operate for members only or in conjunction with another organization, when in those circumstances it shall be known as a shared activity.

The Management Committee shall approve the formation of an Activity Group provided:-
(a) A suitable Tutor/Co-ordinator is willing to take responsibility to lead the group.
(b) Sufficient interest is shown by members to make the group viable.
(c) A suitable venue is available as a meeting place for the group.
(d) Costs to members participation are known and reasonable.

Activity Group Tutors/Co-ordinators will be supplied with a Roll at the beginning of each year, or prior to a Group commencing. The Tutor/Co-ordinator should keep an accurate record of each member’s attendance at each group meeting, including times of arrival and departure.


Future planning is the responsibility of the Management Committee.
The Management Committee should take responsibility for the changing of meeting dates and or venues should the need arise. e.g. unavailability of venue, public holidays.


(i) JOURNAL – A Quarterly Journal is to be produced each quarter by the Editor and made available to all members and co-operating organisations. The Journal should contain information, stories, poems, photographs and artwork submitted by members; current Activity Sheets and Membership Application Form.
(ii) NEWS SHEET – A news sheet is to be produced by the Secretary for distribution at each General Meeting to members and made available to co-operating organisations.
(iii) WEBSITE – A site on the World Wide Web is to be maintained by a Web Co-ordinator in conjunction with the Management Committee. The site should contain details of the Association’s contacts, functions and activities. To maintain the website a Domain Name renewal is to be paid every two years (2013 approx $38)


The Publicity Officer will arrange for information to be given to the Media regarding meetings, activity groups and any special events.


Accident Report Sheets will be supplied to each Activity Group Tutor/Co-ordinator and will also be available at each General Meeting. In the event of an accident or injury to a member at any U3A meeting or activity an Accident Report Sheet should be completed giving full details. The completed sheet should be given to the Secretary for filing and future reference if required.

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