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Easy to make Chocolate Cake
BASCO Gluten Free Foods - Chocolate Cake

Made by itself and iced up with the supplied frosting makes a delightful chocolate cake.
But if you enhance the mixture you can make it even better

Set the oven to heat to 160C Fan forced
Line a 22cm cake tin base with a baking paper and using olive oil grease the sides

Open the larger of the bags, add the eggs and butter
Cut up a cup of pitted dates and a cup of saltarnas and boil with 200ml water for a couple of minutes.
The packet says to add 150ml water, but because the dates soke up water, I use 200ml
Add a good cap full of Brandy (CAP Not CUP)
Using an electric beater, beat the eggs and butter and then mix in the fruit
And straight into the oven for 45minutes
Use a skewer to test a clean center
Remove from oven and leave in the tin to cool
Turn out onto a plate
On the box the it says to use 40ml water and 30gm of butter, but I have found that if you add the water first and mix, then slowly add some butter so that the mix becomes thick but spreadable
Now one of our members suggested we add a cap full of brandy, so you could use that instead of water