U3A 2023 50th Year CONFERENCE
Celebration cake created by Councillor Drew Wickerson

Professor Francois Vellas and Rhonda Weston AM
cut the cake

From left Rhonda Weston AM, Henry Cope, Cheryl Wickes with Professor Francois Vellas and wife Chantel with the special 50th celebration cake
Rockhampton Mayor Tony Williams with
Rhonda Weston AM and Professor Francois Vellas
Professor Francois Vellas with U3A Network
Queensland president Mrs Rhonda Weston AM
Rockhampton members Joan Cooper, Henry Cope and Barbara Hunt at the leagues club
Professor Francois Vellas with U3A Rockhampton president Cheryl Wickes at the leagues club
Rockhampton members Judy Nutley and
Bev Meredith at the Leagues club
U3A Network Qld President Rhonda Weston AM with Rockhampton president Cheryl Wickes
U3A delegates settle in for dinner at the leagues club
U3A Network Queensland president Rhonda Weston AM with husband David at the Leagues Club