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Cuisine a la U3A
You have just shut the door and turned on the TV and the door bell rings. You find a visitor you haven't seen for some time, so you invite them in and say if you'd like to stay for supper I'll knock up a batch of scones. Your friend will probably think you've been watching too much of Master Chef


Kirks Ginger Ale Scones

3 cups S/R Flour
3 table spoons of Butter
1 cup raisins (Optional)
1 can Kirks Ginger ale

Sift Flour, add raisins, make a centre,
pour in part can of ginger ale,
Add melted Butter, then rest of Ginger ale fold in lightly and place into 8" by 8" paper lined tin.
Bake at 220C hot oven about 30 minutes
Light and easy cut slab through centre
Butter, Jam, Cream, very nice

Christa Tollner

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