CQU Paramedics Course
Bachelor of Paramedic Science (Specialisation) - CQU

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U3A Rockhampton members enjoying the visit
Rae Jackson a Paramedic and Lecturer
Lauren and Georgie
3rd Year Students
Whats inside
what holds it all up
Standing on the right Anthony Weber
Snr Lect in Paramedic Science
Associate Diploma Applied Science (Ambulance) Advanced Diploma of Health Science (Advanced Prehospital Care) Bachelor of Health (Nursing) Master of Health (Research) (examination) Intensive Care Paramedic
Georgie and Lauren 3rd Year Students


CQU Para Ambulance










This amazing manikin blinks, sweats, shakes, has an electronic canula and can change colour simulating a lack of oxygen

But he comes at a price and perfect for training