"The Group has been in effect since the inception of U3A in Rocky - our first Tutor was Barbara Birchill. I know this because I actually attended the very first meeting to see if there was much interest in Rocky to form such a U3A group here. Fay Reeve, Isabel Hoch and then Rita Diplock followed on in later years. Judy Whitworth has joined in to follow in their footsteps."

Writers for this years book are "Joan Brown, Jill Butler, Dot Cranston, Rita Diplock, Isabel Hoch, Helen Holden, Elizabeth Muston, Fay Reeve, Yvonne Riek, Rod Stickley, Nyree Svenson, Margarte Thorpe, Elizabeth West, Judy Whitworth"

Short stories and poems written by the U3A Writers Rockhampton. A group of retired men & women who have the ability to express thought on paper.

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U3A Writing For Pleasure

''People and Places'' September 2013 Compiled by Judy Whitworth
Edited by Ray Gauntlett
Cover design & poem by Helen Holden
Writers group members contributing were Joan Brown, Rita Diplock, Isabel Hoch, Helen Holden, Judy Holzheimer, Elizabeth Muston, Yvonne Riek, Rod Stickley, Margaret Thorpe, Elizabeth West, Judy Whitworth.

There has been an active Writer’s Group in our Rockhampton U3A ever since its inception in 1988 and two of those original participants have contributed to this, our latest book. Age, accidents and illnesses have whittled down our number somewhat, but we welcome everyone who has similar creative literary aspirations to join our enthusiastic group; on the first Wednesday of the month in the School of Arts, from February through to November.
Years ago author William Styron (1925-2006) made the statement: “a writer’s duty is to keep on writing.” While I don’t feel it’s my duty, it is a joy. About the same time Styron wrote that, we were working through an exercise with Isabel Hoch, and I remember her amusement when I penned the sentence “I want at grow a book from seed.” We’ve done that a few times now!
Books get published only because many people work together to make it happen. This book has made it into print through the active participation of each of our contributors, along with Ray Gauntlett, who works silently in the background helping us avoid bad spelling, punctuation and falling into too many literary pitfalls.

Judy Whitworth
September 2013

Books can be bought for ten dollars ($10) by contacting Judy Whitworth ph 48 366 133


''Take The Time'' was produced in 2011 and took fifteen U3A Writers two years to put together. Along with some interesting artwork by Helen Holden a writer and painter, the book was compiled by Judy Whitworth and editorial by recently retired Hearing Aid Specialist Ray Gauntlett.
A wonderful collection by some equally talented writers can be bought for ten dollars ($10) by contacting Judy Whitworth ph 48 366 133

It has been a joy to compile these stories into a volume to share with you. Together they show our diversified interests and styles. While two of our contributors have departed this world and two are in care, a fifth has moved to North Queensland to be near her grandkids! We miss them at our meetings at the School of Arts on the first Wednesday of the month and mid-monthly up at the Botanic Gardens. We are a joyous group and would welcome new writers to join our Group.
Our Creative Writers put out a small volume in 1997, Later books were: A Way With Words in 2006, Take The Time in 2011, and People and Places in 2013, and now this one in 2016.
I need to thank all those who participated in our current endeavour.

I really am appreciative of all their time spent in the preparation.

Books can be bought for ten dollars ($10) by contacting Judy Whitworth ph 48 366 133


The first book was produced in 2006 and called ''A Way With words''.

Books can be bought for ten dollars ($10) by contacting Judy Whitworth ph 48 366 133