This group meets at the Women’s Health building on the corner of Bolsover and Derby Streets.

Because of our meeting place unfortunately men cannot join us. We play from 1 pm to 4 pm each Tuesday with a “Covid 19” safe break about 2.30 pm for tea/coffee and a chat.

Each player who comes on the day makes a donation to Women’s Health and to our “Kitty”. “Kitty” goes towards purchasing our afternoon tea/coffee.

After the Covid 19 shut down in 2020 our numbers dropped as some players did not return. Fortunately new members joined and the numbers are back up. Our group varies from 12 to 16 players and because of the size of the room this is a good number with our maximum being 20.

Over the years the group have bought sets of tiles and boards with our “Kitty” money and some members generously donated the cloths for covering the tables. We are able to store all these and our new fold-up tables bought with a generous grant at Women’s Health.